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Master Results provides tailored business coaching services to businesses as small as a sole trader to large companies with 100+ employees. The only criterion of a business is the desire to create growth, sustainability, and prosperity.


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At the commencement of the coaching relationship, frameworks and goals are set for the working relationship. We are a process coach, we assist you with focus and guide you to address the barriers to creating your success.

Our role is to assist you to produce the results you want by working with you on the process of development. Together your goals will be set, barriers identified, and active strategies addressed to move into the future.

There are three key areas that prevent business owners from creating growth:

  • Lack of Knowledge
  • Lack of a Plan
  • Fear of Uncertainty

We have the skills and knowledge to address and overcome all of these areas.

Packages are determined by the needs and budget of the client. Based on the assessment of the client, hours and frequency are determined. We have contact either weekly or fortnightly either in person or using technology at the preference of the client.

Talk to us today to find out how our coaching services will assist you to grow your business and double your profit in as little as one month. The best way to decide how

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