Staff recruitment was a difficult process in the past. It was always a challenge to find an applicant who would fit with the company dynamics and culture.

Through our engagement of Master Results, they were able to screen the applicants after we decided they had the appropriate skill set, to evaluate attitude, motivations, values and preferred working framework. As a result we have successfully employed the right person to the vacant position and are already performing within a matter of weeks.

We strongly recommend the recruitment services of Master Results to any employer who is seeking staff who are the ‘right fit’ to their business.

Director, SMLawyers, Brisbane.

Career Coaching Program

Thank you so much for working with me over the last few weeks to develop my career transition plan.

You always made me feel welcome and understood where I was coming from.  At what was a stressful time, I appreciated how you were flexible and tailored the sessions around the areas that needed the most attention. I especially liked how you helped me tailor my resume to highlight my career goals, skills and achievements; also, the work that went into defining my career goals was invaluable and made the resume easier to complete. The feedback you gave me on how I could improve my resume demonstrated your attention to detail and the changes I made, based on your advice, helped prospective employers take in quickly the most important points that I needed them to know.
I have no hesitation in referring your services to other people who may be at a crossroads with their careers. Thanks again for your support and assistance.”

Kind regards, Helen G.

Personal Breakthrough Session

I had experienced a range of issues for over 20 years including depression, anxiety and back pain.

I had seen multiple doctors and specialists over the years, each of whom had provided me with different coping tools. When I first heard of the Breakthrough Session I was intrigued as to its ability to remove the problem rather than coping with it. Throughout the program I found it the most powerful growth experience I had ever undertaken in my life. I learnt more about myself and found out the things that I truly value. No longer do the emotions and events of the past cloud my thinking and future. I know now that I am the key to creating my future and have the tools to do it. I no longer experience the mental or physical pains that tormented me before my Breakthrough Session.

I strongly recommend this program for everyone, especially anyone who is being held back by their past and wants to move into a new future.

Stephen B.