Increase your results in 3 simple steps

So often do we spend so much time in the process of trial and error as to what works. Below are 3 proven steps that create results in any area of life whether being personal, relationships, and/or business.

Step 1 – Listen

People are desperate to feel heard. In a world with so much information and communication occurring through the wide array of mediums including emails, messenger, social media platforms including snap chat, twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn to name a few, while there are so many ways to communicate, how often are you actually heard.

We live in such a social world, yet at a time when we are actually the least social about things that really matter. When was the last time you felt listened to, felt heard in any area of life?

People are crying out to be heard. To have a connection with others. To build relationships and no matter what area of life you are thinking about for yourself, by focusing on building a relationship with someone else, to listen to them and hear what they are saying, what they want or need, you will create a long lasting impression. If in a personal area of your life, you will deepen your relationships and build strong connections. Stopping and actually having a conversation with someone, and genuinely listening to them can be so powerful to that person. You may be the only person who they have actually spoken to that day, or even that week.

If in business, you will create interactions with colleagues or customers at a deeper level as they will feel heard, as you listened to and have understood their needs. Too often do sales people try to sell what they think people want rather than stopping, asking the questions, and finding out what the person really does want. What is important to them.

Step 2 – Find someone who knows more than you do

You do not need to reinvent the wheel all by yourself.

No matter what area of life you want to improve in and achieve results, find someone who has already done it. With the world of technology and social media etc at your fingertips, it is very easy to find someone else who is currently already at the level you want to get to. Connect with them and learn from them. Chances are they have been on a long journey to get to that point. By learning from them, you will learn the things that work, however you will also learn most importantly, the things that don’t work. Learn from their mistakes so as you do not have to waste the same time and energy on learning from them yourself.

So no matter your goals, learn from someone who has done it. If you have health or fitness goals, find someone who has achieved that level of fitness. If parenting, connect with people who have experienced similar challenges in their parenting and come out the other side. If in business, identify a successful business or businessperson in the same industry (can be anywhere in the world) and look at what makes them successful.

Once we have identified the person or entity, it is time to learn from them. Model what they have done successfully, what works, and learn from their failures. If they aren’t doing something, learn more from them, as there may be a really good reason why they don’t do it – it doesn’t produce results.

Step 3 – Take Action

A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step. Often if results are not immediate we can lose momentum and motivation. Know that results occur through consistency. Taking one step after another. Every step you take takes you one step closer, no matter how small the step, you can not be in the same place you used to be if you took one step.

If you took one step, did one thing daily towards your goal, no matter what your goal was, in one month you would be 30 steps closer, in one year 365 steps closer. That one step could seem so small and trivial, however through the repetition and consistency of your actions, it will become significant.

Often steps are made too big, and so the feeling of overwhelm develops which leads to procrastination. The smaller the step, the more likely you are to complete it. If you broke down an action into 7 tiny steps and did one dailym you would have it done in a week.

For example, reading a book, especially for business or personal development can be cast aside even though we want it for ourselves. Reading one page a day, in one month you will have read 30 pages. You may even find that you read more than one page some days and so get through it faster. That means in 30 days you are that much further in your progression than you had been.

Small steps work.

These are just 3 of many tools that can assist you to create results in any area of your life. To learn more about these steps or to gain assistance in making results occur in your life, contact Sara today!

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