Personal Breakthrough Session

Why a ‘Personal Breakthrough’ Session?

Have you ever felt that there is something holding you back from reaching your fullest potential?

What would it be worth to you to be able to free yourself completely of all that ‘stuff’?

To be who you want to be?

To do what you want to do?

To have what you want to have?

Have you ever felt that you could do something well, and for some reason you didn’t?

Are your relationships with family/friends/partner (or yourself) causing you problems?

Do you feel unfulfilled, frustrated, say to yourself, “I can’t, I don’t, I shouldn’t?”

Do you know you are capable of more yet hold yourself back, out of low confidence/self-esteem, fear, frustration, bitterness, anger or guilt? If deep inside you know there is something you truly want to change and this change would bring great opportunity to your life, THEN. You need a Personal Breakthrough!

At Master Results, we strongly believe that the only limitation holding a person back in life is themselves.

A Personal Breakthrough Session is..

Breakthrough Sessions are an intense, private experience designed to create an immediate and massive impact on your life and create the foundations for you to create the results you seek.

A Breakthrough Session is a rapid way to achieve significant changes in your personal development. Using our expertise in the world’s most powerful personal development technologies such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy® Techniques and Hypnosis, the results will remove previous barriers to creating the future you want.

These sessions are designed to uncover and expose the deep-rooted, often-times completely subconscious issues holding you back from achieving the results you desire and deserve.  You will get to know yourself better than you can possibly imagine and rid yourself of self-doubt, lack of motivation and drive, insecurities, negative emotions, phobias, internal conflicts and the limiting beliefs about your abilities and strengths. Then through a series of personalised and transformational processes the limitations are released and your results obtained.

How does the process work?

We begin with a telephone consultation. A task is assigned that is completed prior to our session.

The session commences with a 2-3 hour Detailed Personal History. Once we know the scope of the ‘problem’, intervention can take as little as 3 hours and as long as 6 hours which can be conducted over one or two sessions. Your whole life can change in as little as a few hours!

For more information, Contact us today, as today is the day that change can start.


I had experienced a range of issues for over 20 years including depression, anxiety and back pain.

I had seen multiple doctors and specialists over the years, each of whom had provided me with different coping tools. When I first heard of the Breakthrough Session I was intrigued as to its ability to remove the problem rather than coping with it. Throughout the program I found it the most powerful growth experience I had ever undertaken in my life. I learnt more about myself and found out the things that I truly value. No longer do the emotions and events of the past cloud my thinking and future. I know now that I am the key to creating my future and have the tools to do it. I no longer experience the mental or physical pains that tormented me before my Breakthrough Session.

I strongly recommend this program for everyone, especially anyone who is being held back by their past and wants to move into a new future.

Stephen B.