Learning and Development School Program

  • How would you like your teachers to be able to teach a simple strategy to your students that can be easily replicated in each class, that will open the students’ mind to learning, and allow information to enter and be stored in their mind easily and effortlessly?
  • How would you like to increase the grades of every student by at least one level (e.g. B- to B, or B+ to A-) without changing any content in the course curriculum?
  • Imagine a strategy in which you could know that students are accessing and storing information in the right representational systems which will reduce misdiagnosis of conditions such as dyslexia or learning difficulties. Through the correct storage and retrieval, learning becomes easier and interest increases as well as self-confidence.

The training focuses on the development and implementation of what is called ‘The Learning State’ and strategies to the ‘Internal Representational Systems’. This system has been taught in many schools throughout American with incredible, measurable results. In one school, students were recorded to increase their Grade Point Average by at least one, and many averaged a three point increase.

The Learning State research shows a multitude of benefits from increased learning to decreases in attention deficit concerns. Storage and retrieval of taught information becomes easier, and students develop increased self-esteem through their educational success.

The Internal Representational System relates to our three primary modalities – Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic, and the additional system of Auditory Digital or Self Talk. Teaching curriculum focuses on teaching students through all these modalities. Our program will assist you to develop certainty that the students are actually storing and accessing their information in the correct modality. Often learning difficulties are the result of storage and retrieval of information from the wrong modality.

Master Results is offering all schools the opportunity to have this strategy taught to their teachers within the school environment. Master Results would attend your school on either a student free day, or come to an extended staff meeting, for a total period of 3 hours. Staff will learn the skill for themselves and the strategies of how to implement with the students.

Your Educational Development Investment

Learning and Development School Program

Total Training Cost $1,650.00 (inc. GST)

  • Three hour training
  • Staffing body as a group

For more information on this strategy, or to book your school in for this amazing opportunity to increase the results of your school, contact us today on 1300 795 881.

We look forward to working with you to enable your teachers and students to MASTER their educational lives, and obtain the RESULTS they desire.