Sales Training

Sales Development Training

To ‘sell’ is the most crucial element in any business. There are only two ways to increase profit – reduce expenses or increase sales! This training course is proven to assist individuals and businesses to increase the sales in their industry.

There have been significant discussions over the last few years about ‘down turns’ and increased internet presence affecting performance in business. One thing that is consistently reported by consumers is that the customer experience is diminishing and therefore they are spending their dollars in places where they can expect limited assistance.

How would you like to have your customers enjoy the experience with your business and go on to provide word of mouth referrals, due to feeling good about their purchase?

How would you like to know quickly and easily what is important to a customer, and offer information that matches their needs, again leaving them feeling ‘listened to’ and satisfied with their experience?

How would you like to build instant rapport with your customers?

Master Results provides a Two day Sales Training course that focuses on your learning the key elements of Sales – The 5 Step Sales Process to Success!

  • Establish Rapport
    • Create relationships with other people that foster a mutual understanding which produces instant agreement and connection
    • Increase your awareness and responsiveness to facial expressions and body-language and discover their true meaning
  • Power of Questions
    • Learn how to ask questions and hear the hidden meaning in a person’s communication that highlights what is important to them
    • Identify a person’s representational system predicated in their language
    • Elicit the customer’s values in the given area and utilise this to provide information in a manner that is easily absorbed
    • Elicit a customers buying strategy and their convincer strategy allowing for the interaction to meet their needs
  • Link the Need
  • Close the Deal and handling objections

Your Business Development Investment

Sales Development Training

Total course cost –  $895.00 per person (inc. GST)

(Group Rate (3+ pre-registered) $695.00 per person (inc. GST))

  • 2 days
  • Course Manual

Why train with Master Results?

  • Our courses are kept to a smaller group size to ensure personalised attention to students to maximise learning and performance outcomes.
  • Ongoing support – post completion of your course, you receive ongoing support to implement your new skill set.
  • Sara, our trainer, is an Internationally Recognised and Certified Trainer who brings a wealth of experience to the training.