NLP Practitioner and Coach Certification

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the study of excellence that focuses at identifying communication and behaviour to produce a state of excellence. Within this training, you will learn how to use techniques with yourself and others.

Training dates:

Rockhampton, QLD, Australia – 30th April – 4th May 2020

Queenstown, New Zealand – 2nd March – 6th March 2020


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NLP will assist you to:

  • Understand and develop behaviours that produce specific results
  • Develop relationships both personally and professionally
  • Learn a skill set that will assist you in all aspects of life to create the life you desire.

During our Accelerated NLP Practitioner Training you will learn:

  • The Fundamental Components of NLP Goal Setting Principles and Model
  • Rapport
  • Representational Systems Submodalities – the subsets of our modalities, the software that programs your mind
  • Anchoring
  • Language Patterns
  • NLP Practitioner Strategies – Strategies to learn and modify your mental sequence of internal processes to create a specific result.
  • Parts – remove inner conflicts and create wholeness

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Master Results will teach you the skills to utilise NLP Skills in:

  • Business and Personal Coaching
  • Therapy and Relationship Coaching
  • Learning and Educational Coaching
  • All Modes of Business including Sales and Communication
  • To Create Change and Growth on a Personal Level

Training dates:

Rockhampton, QLD, Australia – 30th April – 4th May 2020

Queenstown, New Zealand – 2nd March – 6th March 2020



Talk about having my eyes opened wide, when I completed NLP with Sara from Master Results!

Initially, I enrolled due to learning of the ‘5 Step Sales Process’, as I had heard it had helped a lot of my peers in their business development roles.

So, quite green I signed up to this LIFE CHANGING course and was introduced to a multi-faceted language of the mind!!

Sara is so engaging, as she takes your hand and leads you through, to the point of revelation!
I urge anyone to take the time and do this course, as you certainly will master your life, and create your own results!!!

Angela O.

I had heard about NLP and even attended a couple of workshops where people talked about NLP, which had sparked my interest in the skills. Upon registration and receiving my pre-study material, I was excited to start learning straight away.

When I got to the training, the way Sara presented the skills, and stepped us through each stage of the learning phrase, I could see the power of the skills and how to apply into my business.

Since attending the training, I truly believe the information has been cemented into my head and unlike other training I had been to in the past, I utilise the skills every day. It simply amazes me how much more I can hear in communication now, and the results I achieve in my business.

I would strongly recommend anyone who wants to further their career, their business, or just their personal life, to take this course. 

Mary J.