Mindset Sessions

‘Mindset’ refers to the established attitudes or disposition that predetermines how a person will respond to and interpret situations and interactions in their daily lives.

Mindset is the combination of values, feelings and beliefs. While our mindset is influenced by the environment around us, its greatest influence is through the focus we choose.

Mindset sessions focus on the crucial steps to creating the outcomes we desire in life. We have a number of Mindset topics that address different angles depending on the presenting needs of the group.

Topics can include:

  • Steps to Creating obtainable outcomes
  • Goal Setting
  • Growth vs Fixed Mindsets
  • Managing Obstacles.

These sessions benefit vast types of groups from workplace team dynamics, sporting groups and motivational groups.

Your Business Development Investment

Mindset Session

Total session cost – $440 (inc. GST)

  • Content creation and implementation plan
  • 1 hour session

Longer session durations available