Training and Workshops

Training is a commitment to embrace continuous learning and development. Master Results recognises the power of learning and therefore offers a number of training packages for both individuals who seek personal growth, and to businesses focused on the growth of their staff, to increase performance to peak performance levels.

Training courses available:

Training should be regarded as an ongoing commitment to your self-improvement and development. Ongoing learning is crucial to personal, professional and organisational development.

Master Results emphasises that every client has a unique focus in their business and therefore training requires modification to address those needs.

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Why train with Master Results?

  • Our courses are kept to a smaller group size to ensure personalised attention to students maximising learning and performance outcomes.
  • Ongoing support – post completion of your course, you receive ongoing support to implement your new skill set.
  • Sara, our trainer, is an Internationally Recognised and Certified Trainer who brings a wealth of experience to the training.

We have training packages in the following areas:

  • Accelerated NLP Training and Certification (Practitioner and Master Practitioner Levels)
  • Time Line Therapy® Certification (Practitioner and Master Practitioner Levels)
  • Hypnosis Certification (Practitioner and Master Practitioner Levels)
  • Master Presentation Training
  • Communication within the Workplace
  • Workplace Dynamics
  • Sales Training
  • Up-skilling skilled personnel into management positions
  • Teamwork and Interpersonal Skills
  • Team Building
  • Communication Frameworks
  • Mindset and Goal Setting
  • School Learning and Development

If your training needs are listed above, contact us to discuss your individual situation and group requirements.

The process with Master Results starts with discussion to identify the areas of need within the group. Master Results will then generate a tailored proposal of training that addresses the identified needs. Once modified to meet all requirements of the group, the training will be developed and presented by Sara personally.