The Power of Self-Belief

Why is it that some people create results in life, and others seem to work so hard, and yet not produce the results?

There are a number of Keys to Success that enable people to create results. We will be exploring all of these key areas in our series – Keys to Success.

Self-Belief is one of those key areas.

A person can only produce a result they believe to be possible, and I mean truly BELIEVE.

Quite often we can become conflicted between our desires and our beliefs. We desire to have something, produce something, do something; however there is a part of us that holds doubt. Doubt of our abilities, doubts in our capacity, doubts in our self. Doubts that we deserve what we want. These doubts can then be amplified and as a result create inaction. Inaction to take the necessary steps to produce those results.

What does this really look like? We don’t pick up the phone and make the phone call, we don’t return the phone call, we don’t send that email, we don’t initiate conversations, and all the other steps that are required to produce the results that we want.

Taking action is the step in life that divides the achievers from the rest. There is no such thing as a ‘quick fix’ however anything and everything in our lives can be changed – if we take action. The problem is that we don’t take action (we procrastinate) and then we don’t get results, which then inadvertently reinforces our beliefs that we ‘can’t’.

While there are a number of powerful methods of address negative self-belief, one of the most simple methods is to simply ‘take action’. Each step we take, no matter how small, is a step closer to achieving our goals. No steps at all leaves us in the same place. If everyday we took one step, it may just surprise you where you could be in just one week, one month, or even a year. All the successful people in life, didn’t just become successful overnight. It may seem like they just landed in our awareness as a success, however there would have been years of behind the scenes ‘work’ that has occurred. What we see today is an accumulation of all the hard work.

Each time we take a step closer to our goals, our self-belief alters as we start to gain clarity of our vision. We start to create certainty of our abilities. It is through the combination of our own skills, taking action, and gaining results which alters our self-belief.

The only limitation in life is the one we place on ourselves. This is why we need to address these limitations, these self-beliefs, these conflicts, so we are able to align our actions with our beliefs and produce the results we want for ourselves!

As mentioned there are other methods of alter self-beliefs and these are just some of the skills contained in the skillset of NLP.

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