Why I Studied NLP!

I followed the traditional path – got good grades at school, went to university, got a degree, and settled into a career.

But it wasn’t satisfying.

The job wasn’t what I thought it would be. What I thought I’d be doing, and how my day would run, was so much different to the reality of a day.

I thought if I would work harder, I could earn more money and one day I would learn to love my career.

I was so wrong. The longer I stayed in it, the longer I felt less of myself, I wasn’t being true to myself. I was doing what I thought everyone else wanted me to do. Just going with the norm.

Change is terrifying. I was conflicted. Do I stay doing what I have always done, I had invested so many years into this career, so many people relied on me. Would I let them down.

And the bigger question – what do I really want to do? What would I be doing if I was to get out of bed every day doing only what I love… and more importantly, what is that?

That created my most important question that I had to ask myself WHAT DO I WANT?

What do I want?

It was the clarity from that question that set me in my new direction. I knew I knew a lot of valuable information, it was the model of how it was being offered to people that didn’t fit for me. It was all about maintaining the problem, not getting rid of it.

I realised that I hadn’t lost my passion for people. I just wanted to empower them, and help them to realise their fullest potential, the same as I had done for me.

I’m not going to lie, stepping out of doing what I had always done was scary, learning something new.

I believe in faith, not external faith. Internal faith. Faith in myself. I believe that the only person that can change my path is me, and the only person who can be my cheerleader is me.

I needed to learn a whole new way of thinking. Thinking outside of the box. To remove the box from existing.

That was 7 years ago, and while every day I am still learning, I have learned a whole new way to work with people and teach them how to believe in themselves, and how to create the life they want.

What I realised about myself, and have come to learn about so many other people, it that it isn’t the knowledge, it’s the delivery. It is finding a way to pass on knowledge and skills in a way that fits. And generally that is not following the norm.

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

One of the biggest tools I learnt was the skill set of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). I had heard about it for at least a couple years before I studied it. It changed my life. It gave me the tools to bring together my knowledge and the strategies to help others on their journey.

This is now one of my foundational assets. I want to share this knowledge and help others gain it to. NLP is a skill set that anyone can use in any industry, in any facet of life, and it is the collection of these skills that assist people to create change and to believe in themselves.

This is why I have created my NLP Practitioner Trainings. The training is powerful. It teaches the skills to change your life, just as I have mine. I am passionate about these trainings and anyone who has ever been to one of my trainings will know the passion I have. Seeing my students engage, learn and most important implement the skills into their own lives to create change is the pinacol of it all.

One of the important aspects for me in a training is to be personal. To work with each person individually on their journey, as each and every person is equal. I have learnt so much from the people who have joined me in a training. This is why I cap my trainings to just 8 students. When I studied it was with a large company, and I felt lost in the crowd. I had to work so hard to understand how the concepts could be related to me. I want to personalise all that I do, and assist each person on their journey.

This is why I train NLP.

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