The Fork – Comfort zone vs Growth

Okay, I gotta share this. I’m feeling absolutely pumped right now. I have just gotten off a call with a lady who is at that step. That point, that fork in the road. Do I continue to do what I’ve always done? That comfort zone. That same, same path. Or do I do something different? And that is just an amazing place to be. Terrifying, but amazing.

The comfort zone, the fork. The first side. The side of doing what it is I’ve always done. How many people … It’s that side of what we’re conditioned to. It’s that mindset that I will do what it is I’ve always done. Why? Because I’ve done it. Why else? I dunno. Just because I’ve done it. That’s what you do.

The Comfort Zone

The comfort zone is what holds so many people where they are in life. It’s where things aren’t good, but they’re not that bad. And because they’re not that bad, it’s not pushing them to have to do anything different.

Come on, we all know people in the comfort zone. Whether it’s in a workplace. Where, you know the person, that bitches and whines about the job, the employee, they will constantly go on about how they don’t like their job. But you know they’re in their comfort zone because they’ve been going on about it for months, years. And they’ve never done anything about it.

Or in the context of a relationship. The person who, well it’s not their ideal relationship, it’s not meeting their needs. But it’s safe. Because the alternative is to go be by themselves. And wow, there’s a whole nightmare of stuff that goes along that lines. It’s where in health, the comfort zone is where I’m not ill. So they’ll continue to do what it is they’re doing because I might be overweight, I might be all these different things, I’m not happy in myself, but it’s not that bad. And that, you have to be honest, it’s powerful. It holds so many people there.

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Fork in the Road

But then you get that fork in that road and you get that other option, that moment where we’re not comfortable anymore. We start to see that something could be different. We start to have a desire for more. And that is what growth is. That is what being able to take our self from how we are right now, and to explode our self into creating what it is that we could be.

And as I said, I’m so honoured and blessed to be able to have these conversations with people, and to be able to help them decide what it is that they want. Not what it is that they should do, not what it is that is expected of them, not that whole notion of being the good wife, the good mother, the good employee, the good child to her own parents. But to take away all of that, all that weight, and to work out what it is that you actually want for yourself.

As I said, so excited.

Needing help?

Sometimes we need a helping hand to move through the comfort zone and take the growth steps. There can be a lot of emotion associated with taking the path of change. One powerful process we offer is called a Personal Breakthrough Session where we address and remove the emotions, limiting beliefs and conflicts holding you back.

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